Thursday, March 4, 2010

Truckin' (sort of).

I'm still working and chugging along at a reasonable speed, mostly building vehicles but also painting infantry. Unfortunately my camera is so bad that images are extremely blurry unless I can get direct and bright sunlight. Given the time of year, that almost never happens. Anyway, onto the models. These represent the vehicles attached to the various Pioneer companies spread through the three divisions of XXX Corps, I've decided that they will all be represented by a single platoon of 20 men with two jeeps and a halftrack with trailers for simplicity's sake. All the kits are airfix, with various minor modifications. The pictures:


This is the standard Airfix kit, trailer and all, with a roof put on the driver's cabin. The (I am told) innaccurate mine-racks have been added and are used to hold jerrycans and a few other bits from the Jeep kit and some PIAT ammunition from the Revell British Infantry box. I didn't bother putting the cupola on and instead mounted the .50cal on a bit of wooden cocktail sausage stick stuck into a hole drilled in the bottom of the passenger compartment. Simple modifications, looks fairly cool, and gives a bit more of a "combat engineer" vibe to the standard kit. Very happy with this.

The Jeep:

This Jeep and another identical except for the layout of materials in the trailer are both Airfix kits build as standard without the roof or the .30cal machinegun mount except for the driver's heads, which have been replaced with spare PIAT crew heads from the Revell kit. The Airfix Jeep driver is ridiculously small compared to every other kit and I didn't think of replacing them with the Halftrack drivers I haven't used until they were glued into place, so I just changed the heads to make it look a bit less silly. Hopefully no-one will notice the spindly arms.

More to come in the next few days, I got some more stuff photographed in the sun this afternoon.


  1. Good to see some progress!!! I was begining to think we had lost you.

    Well done!

  2. You are making more forward progress than me at the moment, just keep n plugging away ;)