Friday, November 20, 2009

Still plugging away.

It's been a while since I've posted and that's because I haven't got much to show for it. The camera I'm using seems to have gone senile and refuses to take pictures that aren't blurry. To at least keep this blog *sort of* moving along, I'll just have to post some bad pictures.

Here's my attempt at the Hasegawa Daimler MKII kit.

This kit was a beauty to put togethere, the sole problem being the part numbers on the drive shafts under the chassis were mislabeled and so I had to find a solution for that. Probably not going to be a problem for anyone not planning to flip the car over, but I'm weird about doing silly detail like this. I'm looking forward to getting the next one for the Platoon that will represent the House Cavaly in XXX Corps.

On the workbench, assembled, unpainted and unphotograped are:
4 Airfix M5 Half-tracks;
2 Airfix Universal Carriers;
1 Revell M7 Priest, "defrocked";
20 Revell British Infantry;
41 mixed Revell and Italeri US Pataroopers;
20-ish Italeri British Paratroopers;
24 German Grenadiers (my volunteer assistant caught swine flu....);

Still in boxes are the 6lber guns and crew that came with the Universal Carriers, two full boxes of Revell British Infantry, one more Universal Carrier and a few extra British and American Paratroopers.

This is partially because my camera is on it's way out, and partially because my airbrush was lent to a friend s he could make this and I haven't gotten around to retrieving it yet. Aside: For an idea of scale, I spent two hours helping him build that. All I did was the gun under the eagle on top.... it's *that* big.)

On a note related to the Daimler MKII, does anyone know anything about how good a kit this Daimler Dingo is? I need two and am having trouble finding any.