Monday, March 8, 2010

Dingos ate my {blank}

The light was starting to fade when I was taking these, so they aren't of the best quality. At one point the flash decided to start working again suddenly, resulting in a rather impressive washed-out look to a side view. This will be joining the earlier Damlier MK II as part of the Household Guards Regiment Reconnaissance platoon. The kit is the Dingo that comes as part of the Revell "Monty's Caravan" double-pack kit, a rather nice little model.

You'll notice that the right headlight is a different shade and shape to the left. The original decided to go shooting off into the ether underneath the diningroom table and I replaced it by sculpting a new one from greenstuff. It looks alright when not at super-huge-photo size.

One more unit got photographed in the recent sun, I'll post it tomorrow.

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