Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Taking stock a bit.

I've been working on this for quite some time now so I decided to sit down and start organising what I have finished, what I have in the works, what I waiting to start and what I have waiting to be bought. Mostly I've focused on the Guards Armoured Division as it was the spearhead and without it there will be no game. So, a list of what status each unit is in with extras from other units and "to buy" lists where relevant. A huge gap follows, I can't seem to make it go away for some reason.....

Guards Armoured Division
5th Guards Armoured Brigade
2nd Bn, Grenadier Guards (Armor) - 2 Shermans, 2 Sherman Firefly to buy.
1st Bn, Grenadier Guards (Mot) - Halftracks assembled and undercoated, Infantry 50% painted.
2nd Bn, Irish Guards (Armor) - Completed - - 3 Shermans, 1 Sherman Firefly.
3rd Bn, Irish Guards (Mot) - Infantry 50% painted, 1 truck in box, 1truck in the post.
32nd Guards Infantry Brigade
1st Bn, Coldstream Guards (Armor)2 - Shermans, 2 Sherman Firefly to buy.
5th Bn, Coldstream Guards (Mot) - Infantry 50% painted, 2 trucks in the post.
2nd Bn, Welsh Guards (Armor, Recon) - Cromwells, 2 assembled. 1 Cromwell and 1 Challenger to buy.
1st Bn, Welsh Guards (Mot) - Infantry on sprue, no trucks needed (yay! Tank riders!)
Royal Artillery
55th Field Regiment RA - 4 25lber + tractor kits to buy, 1 (captured) STuG III G for HQ transport.
153rd Field Regiment RA - 4 Sexton SPG to buy, 1 (captured) SDK 251 to buy for HQ transport.
21st AT Regiment RA - 2 17Lber + tractor kits, 3 M3 halftrak kits to buy, 2 Achilles M10 TD in the post.
94th LAA Regiment + 1st Independent MG Company - MG company 50% painted, AA guns to research + buy.
Royal Engineers - See Note at end.
14th Field Squadron^^
615th Field Squadron^^
148th Field Park Squadron^^
2nd Household Cavalry Regiment RA - 1 Daimler MKII, 1 Daimler Dingo undercoated. 1 Dingo in the post, 1 MKII to buy.

Note: all Engineer units I am assuming have moved to the front of the column, thus each Battalion's worth assigned to the corps is represented by one vehicle model with carried infantry (see here).

All in all, not a bad amount of work, but could be better. This doesn't include any of the German stuff I've been building but not photographing or blogging about or the Airbourne elements which have been somewhat on hold of late.

As a vague idea of the German units I have purchased the three Grenadier regiments of the 176th Infantery Division, the Panzerjäger Battalion and the Pioneer Battalion. The Artillery regiment requires one more box of Revell German Artillery to complete, and the Fusileers require me to track down some Nebelwerfers (one should do really, only a Battalion I need here).

Kampfgruppe Gräbner (and Gräbner himself, in his stolen Humber II) is waiting for the infantry Recon platoon's Sd.Kfz 250 to arrive in the post, and for me to swap the mudguards on a Revell Sd.Kfz. 234/2 "Puma" and an Airfix Sd.Kfz. 234/4 to make the second more accurate and the first into a stand-in Sd.Kfz. 232. It is otherwise completely assembled (you could say the vehicles have been rendered deliberately unservicable.....).

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  1. Yipes!!! I find its allows good to put things done on paper and tick them off as you complete them...hence the blog.

    Good skills mate, just keep on plugging away.