Thursday, March 11, 2010

Last of the summer photos (except it's only spring).

This is the last of the units I got photographed during the brief sunny afternoon last week, a single view of one of two HäT Armourfast Cromwells I have built as half of the 2nd Battalion Welsh Guards Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion.


I need to get one more Cromwell and a Challenger to finish this platoon off, and then some more British Infantry to ride the tanks as 1st Battalion and finish up the Welsh Brigade.


  1. Oh, just spotted this post over on the Guild

  2. Oh nice! Thanks for sharing, I remember you sending me this forum before but I seem to have forgotten to sign up. Sorted that out now and browsing. Thanks again.

  3. No worries - let them know what you're up to and I'm sure your get helpful bodies crawling out of the woodwork in no time!