Thursday, May 3, 2012

OH GOD A POST... I mean... Hawker Typhoon unboxing.

It's been ages since the last post. Sadly life got in the way of fun, and then it got MORE in the way of fun. Even though fun eventually got back on track, I haven't really bothered using that new camera for the purpose I bought it....
Anyway, to business! For the Hawker Weather event build I decided to get back to work and get cracking on an Airfix Typhoon 1b for some Allied air support (not that there was much, on the day). As usual, click for bigger.

The box is the usual Airfix affair. Good artwork but not a lot of clues as to what exactly is inside.

The sprues in the bag. The initial reaction of "that's not a lot of parts at all" turns out to be correct: there are just 30 pieces here. One of them is a pilot, which is a definite plus. It looks like this will be a quick build. I might time myself tomorrow evening and see if I can do it in under an hour (I am a superglue heretic). Then it's just a matter of figuring out which colours I have and which I need to do this bird justice.

Bonus in picture: part of "the stash" - an Airfix Cromwell awaiting assembly, even though I already have two more than I need built....


  1. You use superglue on plastic kits?

    1. Yep, it dries fast and it's easier to take things apart again if you need to. It's been relevant more often than I'd like.