Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 5 - frantic work

So a brief break from the tidying and packing today was when I decided to "test" my new Tamiya acrylics and see how they worked. Based on advice from AlFront over at War Diaries of a Little Englander I copied the pattern from the Airfix instructions in pencil and painted the same pattern. It worked. Far better than I was expecting it to. Nice that this build has taught me another little trick for my bag thereof.

The current state of the plane is: fully painted, with the pilot needing to be done and then the decals added, weathering and wash to finish.

The chances of me getting all this done before going away for the rest of the month on Tuesday are: slim.

Pictures to follow tomorrow, when I have some light. [UPDATE] Pilot is finished and glued into place. Now I just need to do the nosecone (which requires buying more paint...) and get varnish to start on the decals.


  1. Sounds like you've made good progress. Finish line in sight, and all that. Keep going!

  2. Glad the pencil scribbling trick worked. This Hawker Weather Build has been very useful all round. Looking forward to the photos.