Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Minor update.

A semi-productive day today. I ran out of glue last night so I couldn't finish the second halftrack. This necessitated a trip to the shops and while there I picked up a third halftrack and some Revell German Infantry that a friend of mine has volunteered to paint for me as one of the Grenadier regiments of the 176th Infanterie Division.

Arriving home I finished off the second halftrack and started painting some of the Revell US Paratroopers I picked up a while back. These guys will represent the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division (cliched, I know... but they were there....). I finished one test model who came out rather well and got the rest of a twelve man squad half-finished. They look rough, but passable.

I started on the third halftrack but by now I am tired and cranky so I shall call it a night and finish it tomorrow evening. After messing around with two machine gun assemblies I think I'll just stick the last one on a post and remove the entire cupola thing. I justify this by the old "it'll look cool" defence. I'm not entirely sure if I'll bother with the trailers. They might be a useful addition to some part of the XXX Corps units somewhere, but they are rather bland looking.

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