Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just a teaser....

I've been rather busy with things other than toy soldiers of late so I'm just going to post this to show that I've not totally forgotten about the project:

This represents full British Motor Platoon represents the 1st Motor Batallion of the Grenadier Guards seen here and a few extra paratroopers for the 506th mentioned in an earlier post. Not shown is the German Grenadier platoon also in the works.


  1. Revell British infantry now that has caught my eye. Are you using the cover it (the figure) in PVA and make it hard trick? I'll be interested to see how they paint.

    I am keen to get my hands on a pack of Valiant's British Infantry.

    Nice to see forward progress, your chore is a bit like XXX Corps to keep on pushing regardless.

  2. I've followed your lead and picked up a box of these plastics, not bad, they will flesh out a battalion/company depending on what ruleset you are using ;)

    I still want to get my hands on some Valiant British though :)

  3. I've found that using the real world TO&E of a British rifle platoon the box pretty much covers them with the exception of two riflemen. I just happen to have 15 or so spares from the motor platoon box so each further box I buy gets two of those and is a full platoon. It's a pretty damn nice buy for pretty much all your Tommy needs.