Thursday, September 17, 2009


In every wargamer's life there comes a point where they find themselves longing to run a game of scale so grand and scope so epic that they seem mad. For me, this game is Operation Market Garden. I aim to represent each Regiment (or Batallion, if things work out) that participated with at least one platoon of representative troops at 20mil scale. The entire project is to be completed in time for Gaelcon 2010, and will ideally be run as a participation game there. This blog is a way of tracking my progress, recieving advice and feedback and generally motivating myself to keep going on this insane venture.

As such, any help that anyone can supply on the subject is greatly welcome, be it so large as to paint an entire Division for me or so small as to provide the name of a tank in XXX Corps.

PS: no, I did not notice the date before I started this. Just one of life's happy coincidences.

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  1. Sounds nice but will you also do the german side? and the terrain alone? But looks like an interesting subject!! keep up the good work.