Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day... whatever.

Well May has well and truly ended and I have not finished the Typhoon. I feel shame. On the other hand I got to pet a wallaby in Florida so I'm pretty happy with my decision. Sadly, due to room renovation in my absence, I have no idea where the Typhoon actually is at the moment, and my tools have likewise been scattered to the winds. I'll have to get back to work now that I'm starting to get over the jetlag and feel human again.

In other news, The Assault Group have a "free mini for facebook likes" campaign on, and they've got some interesting stuff on offer. There's a variety of scales and periods in their range, so go take a look and spread the word.


  1. Never mind mate, I am sure you will get there. Nice score with the wallaby,we eat them down here!

    1. I knew it was unlikely that I'd manage to finish it entirely before the end of May, but I wasn't expecting to arrive home to it MIA.

    2. Yeah, eating a wallaby in one sitting is a big ask. Freeze whatever is left over it makes a super stew...We are still talking about furry animals aren't we?

  2. I don't mind a bit of wallaby, tastes better than heaps of other stuff I've had to endure over the years :)